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Patrick Ross is a professional writer who has authored thousands of news articles, editorials, speeches, blog posts, and other professional works. He is also an accomplished award-winning creative writer.


He began his writing career as a journalist, winning nine journalism awards. He later launched an award-winning blog, The Artist's Road. Patrick's literary memoir, Committed: A Memoir of the Artist's Roadwas published in October 2014 by Black Rose Writing. He is currently writing an urban fantasy novel.

A modest list of published works can be found below. Feel free to download his curriculum vitae to see a more comprehensive list.


  • "An Indefatigable Agenda," essay on the creation of the most valued and expensive printed work of the 17th Century, the Atlas Maior, in the literary journal Montreal Review, 2015
  • "Committed: A Memoir of the Artist's Road," excerpt from my 2014 literary travel memoir, in the literary journal Hunger Mountain, 2015
  • "September 12th," First Place Nonfiction Winner for the literary journal fwriction: review, essay on bonding with children after tragedy, 2012
  • "The Truth About Spam," essay on honesty and deceipt set in the Hormel Spam Museum in Austin, Minnesota, in the online literary journal clamp, 2012
  • "The Upset Win," essay on life choices, in the literary journal Barely South Review, 2012 (not online)
  • "Forest Foursome," First Place Winner in the Unplug and Reconnect writing contest, 2011
  • "Oxygen," essay on parenting and creativity, in the literary blog Creative Flux, 2011
  • "The Clear Monkey," essay on childhood and divorce, in the literary journal Shaking Like a Mountain and selected works compilation Shaking One, 2011 (not online)
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