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There isn't enough room to include the thousands of published articles, essays, blog posts, and other works I've written over the last three decades. Here are a few.

Creative Writing

Media Publications

  • "The Case of the Missing Princess," satirical noir detective story, The Guilded Pen Anthology

  • "The Nudge," speculative fiction story, The Guilded Pen Anthology

  • "An Indefatigable Agenda," historical essay, literary journal Montreal Review

  • "Committed: A Memoir of the Artist's Road," memoir excerpt, Hunger Mountain

  • "September 12th," literary essay, First Place Nonfiction Winner for the literary journal fwriction: review

  • "The Truth About SPAM," literary essay, literary journal clamp

  • "The Upset Win," literary journal Barely South Review (not online)

  • "Forest Foursome," literary essay, First Place Winner, Unplug and Reconnect writing contest

  • "Oxygen," literary essay, literary blog Creative Flux (no longer online)

  • "The Clear Monkey," literary essay, literary journal Shaking Like a Mountain and selected works compilation Shaking One (not online)

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